Dec.25.12 at 12:34 am
elle_cold-sketchBad news: I thought I could pull off a new comic page this weekend but I couldn't ^^; Next page is going up Wednesday night my time. Thanks for your patience, guys! I should be back into my normal swing of things by next week.

Good news: I finally learned how to put up galleries with word press. Soooo, there is a guest art page all set up with goodies in it, now :) I'll follow that with an illustration gallery soon (perhaps that will motivate me to do more art of these guys? I ought to!)

About the filler art: Gear is meant to be one of those mild climates where it gets chilly but it rarely gets full on freezing. It probably snows like three days a year there. That's still like three too many days for Foyle because Foyle hates winter.
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