Foyle Leaf
Age (Year 3): 18
A bright young girl from the countryside with a boundless imagination. When she was 14, Foyle and her cousin moved to Gear so that Foyle could get an apprenticeship and start to build a future for herself. Things have since departed a bit from that plan…

Monday Rhodes
Age (Year 3): 20
A mysterious girl who emerges from an abandoned storage closet in the top of the clocktower. She says she’s from another world but she’s pretty secretive about what brought her to Gear.


Rook Leaf
Age (Year 3): 21
Foyle’s cousin and roommate. He was training with Foyle’s mother to become an herbalist but he put his life on hold to move to Gear and keep an eye on Foyle until she completes her contract, because somebody has to.


Vicht Gear
Age (Year 3): Older than 60, so effectively ancient
A slightly cantankerous old man who owns the clock shop where Foyle lives, works, and studies. Their relationship is fondly antagonistic. Or maybe not…?

Petra Gear
Age (Year 3): 21
The very first friend Foyle made in Gear. Petra was born and raised in Gear which means she will never stop teasing Foyle about being from the country. Petra works at the big glassworks factory and she lives in a posh little apartment on the edge of New Town.

Leavitt Hive
Age (Year 3): 27
Foyle and Rook’s neighbor who runs the bakery across the alley. Leavitt’s a mellow guy from an even smaller town than Leaf. He gets along with just about everybody, which might explain how he’s managed to become Rook’s friend.



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