Feb.19.14 at 09:36 pm
MM's anniversary is coming up on the Ides of March. My, how the time flies! I'm proud of what I've achieved this past year and I'm going to try and push myself to accomplish even more in 2014 :) Here's hoping!

A Character Page recently got added to the menubar. (Finally, amirite?) It's basically names and blurbs for all the important cast members to help you guys keep track of who's who.

If you poke around enough webcomics, you might be familiar with TopWebcomics.com? It's a giant links list for webcomics that ranks comics based on reader votes. I've added a button to the sidebar that lets you vote for Missing Monday if you're into that sort of thing :) Everyone who votes gets to see a special bonus sketch as a reward. This month's incentive is a concept sketch of Monday and Foyle from the very beginnings of the story back in 2007 because I love seeing how character designs evolve.
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