May.19.13 at 08:54 pm
I also added a handy widget to the sidebar which says which events I'm attending this year ^_^

First up is Fanime, over Memorial Day weekend in San Jose. I'll be at table #17 sitting below a banner of Foyle and Monday ;) The Official Map is here, and an easier to read fan-made map is here. On the fan-made map I'm in G block.

I'm a little thin on Monday merch since so much of my focus is on actually creating the comic, but I do have a Monday/Foyle button design and 2 print/miniprint designs featuring the girls :) I also have a few small original paintings that will be coming with me, such as the watercolor for Monday and the key, chibiFoyle, and the ridiculous ridiculous My Little Pony mashups. I do on-site commissions as well, so there could always be new Monday art ;)

Otherwise, I'll also have my minicomics, the roller derby comics, a limited number of Erstwhile hardcovers (first come, first serve!), and a random assortment of original comic art for sale (including some of the original painted pages for Death of the Little Hen).

On a related note, next week's page will go up a day late due to being away from the computer for 5 days. I'll have filler art for you to tide you over, though, I promise :)
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