May.19.13 at 08:54 pm
I also added a handy widget to the sidebar which says which events I'm attending this year ^_^

First up is Fanime, over Memorial Day weekend in San Jose. I'll be at table #17 sitting below a banner of Foyle and Monday ;) The Official Map is here, and an easier to read fan-made map is here. On the fan-made map I'm in G block.

I'm a little thin on Monday merch since so much of my focus is on actually creating the comic, but I do have a Monday/Foyle button design and 2 print/miniprint designs featuring the girls :) I also have a few small original paintings that will be coming with me, such as the watercolor for Monday and the key, chibiFoyle, and the ridiculous ridiculous My Little Pony mashups. I do on-site commissions as well, so there could always be new Monday art ;)

Otherwise, I'll also have my minicomics, the roller derby comics, a limited number of Erstwhile hardcovers (first come, first serve!), and a random assortment of original comic art for sale (including some of the original painted pages for Death of the Little Hen).

On a related note, next week's page will go up a day late due to being away from the computer for 5 days. I'll have filler art for you to tide you over, though, I promise :)
Mar.15.13 at 12:09 am
Hey guys! It's the Ides of March today, which means it's the official second year anniversary of this webcomic :) You can tell it's been on my mind a bit with the new header art and some tweaks to the site layout here and there. I also figured I should keep up a tradition of doing adorable art in celebration, so I made sure I had a drawing posted and at the ready:

Happy 2nd Year, Missing Monday! by *elleskinner on deviantART
Mar.13.13 at 10:39 pm

Key to Somewhere by *elleskinner on deviantART

Monday on her side of the door. Cryptic art is cryptic!

Right now my priority list for the site is: (1) trying to build a comic buffer because I've gone two entire years without one and that is really difficult, (2) getting a basic character page up, and (3) putting up an art gallery. Hopefully I can actually achieve #1 someday and move to the other items on the list! :)
Jan.14.13 at 09:11 pm
Mini Monday 01

Silly comic that jumped into my head after page 96/97, because poor Monday's pastry got abandoned in the dirt. And food is like one of her favorite things~!

This happens to me a lot, where I'll get a flash of silly spinoff panels to the page I'm working on. I was thinking it might be fun to draw some of them out sometimes, sort of like the omake comics you'll see in the back of manga :) So, here you go.

(I'm a dork. This is not news.)
Dec.25.12 at 12:34 am
elle_cold-sketchBad news: I thought I could pull off a new comic page this weekend but I couldn't ^^; Next page is going up Wednesday night my time. Thanks for your patience, guys! I should be back into my normal swing of things by next week.

Good news: I finally learned how to put up galleries with word press. Soooo, there is a guest art page all set up with goodies in it, now :) I'll follow that with an illustration gallery soon (perhaps that will motivate me to do more art of these guys? I ought to!)

About the filler art: Gear is meant to be one of those mild climates where it gets chilly but it rarely gets full on freezing. It probably snows like three days a year there. That's still like three too many days for Foyle because Foyle hates winter.
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