Oct.10.13 at 08:26 pm
This weekend is Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco, October 12-13. I'll be at table 514, which you can find on the map here.

I will be there with minicomics, Erstwhile volume 1, some original comic pages, and tiny original paintings. I'm available for a limited number of commissions so swing by early if you want to grab one!
Sep.01.13 at 09:18 pm
More Comics By Me!
For those who haven't seen it yet, my adaptation of the Singing Springing Lark has started running at Erstwhile Tales and it will be running through November. If you like my work I highly recommend checking it out, since the entire comic is watercolor painted. It takes me forever but I am super proud of the results.

Soooo I broke down and got a tumblr for my cartoons and comics and stuff. Right now it's like 99% Pacific Rim and Missing Monday fanart, but there will probably be some original stuff soon. I will reblog any and all fanart of my characters, by the by. Just putting that out there ;)

I'll be tabling at SPX! I'm sharing with CJ of City of Cards. This is my very first con outside the Bay Area, actually, so I'm super excited and nervous at the same time. Merchandise is still TBA but I will definitely be available for small commissions :)
May.19.13 at 08:54 pm
I also added a handy widget to the sidebar which says which events I'm attending this year ^_^

First up is Fanime, over Memorial Day weekend in San Jose. I'll be at table #17 sitting below a banner of Foyle and Monday ;) The Official Map is here, and an easier to read fan-made map is here. On the fan-made map I'm in G block.

I'm a little thin on Monday merch since so much of my focus is on actually creating the comic, but I do have a Monday/Foyle button design and 2 print/miniprint designs featuring the girls :) I also have a few small original paintings that will be coming with me, such as the watercolor for Monday and the key, chibiFoyle, and the ridiculous ridiculous My Little Pony mashups. I do on-site commissions as well, so there could always be new Monday art ;)

Otherwise, I'll also have my minicomics, the roller derby comics, a limited number of Erstwhile hardcovers (first come, first serve!), and a random assortment of original comic art for sale (including some of the original painted pages for Death of the Little Hen).

On a related note, next week's page will go up a day late due to being away from the computer for 5 days. I'll have filler art for you to tide you over, though, I promise :)
Mar.15.13 at 12:09 am
Hey guys! It's the Ides of March today, which means it's the official second year anniversary of this webcomic :) You can tell it's been on my mind a bit with the new header art and some tweaks to the site layout here and there. I also figured I should keep up a tradition of doing adorable art in celebration, so I made sure I had a drawing posted and at the ready:

Happy 2nd Year, Missing Monday! by *elleskinner on deviantART
Mar.13.13 at 10:39 pm

Key to Somewhere by *elleskinner on deviantART

Monday on her side of the door. Cryptic art is cryptic!

Right now my priority list for the site is: (1) trying to build a comic buffer because I've gone two entire years without one and that is really difficult, (2) getting a basic character page up, and (3) putting up an art gallery. Hopefully I can actually achieve #1 someday and move to the other items on the list! :)
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