Dec.25.12 at 12:34 am
elle_cold-sketchBad news: I thought I could pull off a new comic page this weekend but I couldn't ^^; Next page is going up Wednesday night my time. Thanks for your patience, guys! I should be back into my normal swing of things by next week.

Good news: I finally learned how to put up galleries with word press. Soooo, there is a guest art page all set up with goodies in it, now :) I'll follow that with an illustration gallery soon (perhaps that will motivate me to do more art of these guys? I ought to!)

About the filler art: Gear is meant to be one of those mild climates where it gets chilly but it rarely gets full on freezing. It probably snows like three days a year there. That's still like three too many days for Foyle because Foyle hates winter.
Dec.13.12 at 02:55 pm
[Cross-posted from my blog at Littlest Elle because I'm trying to be better about promoting myself :) Sorry for the duplication!]

My latest fairytale, Death of the Little Hen, launched on Erstwhile Tales this week! I picked and scripted this story myself, and apparently I’m a masochist because I also decided I should paint the entire thing in watercolor pencils? Which was, well. I’ve always been very rough and loose with pencils and inks for my comics because I have Photoshop to help me clean up. To have to pencil lightly (so I can ERASE my pencils, what on earth) and to have to ink precisely because the only corrections I could do would be minor… it was challenging, to put it mildly. But it’s a challenge I’m glad I tried, because now I’ve learned all sorts of things and I feel like my art skill gained some experience points :)

Plus, I’ll be forever indebted to this comic for introducing me to my new life partner, the T-Square.


Even if you’re not a fairytale fan, the art on this thing just COLORFUL AND FUN and I encourage you to go check it out :) It’ll be running three times a week for the next month or so.
Dec.01.12 at 01:36 am
As promised, I posted some new art for you guys this weekend :)

Fix It, Foyle! by *elleskinner on deviantART

For those who are like "what on earth...?" I saw and adored Wreck-it-Ralph. Could not resist the urge to do a fusion piece with Foyle and Monday. I mean, Foyle with a magic fixing hammer, what isn't perfection about that? ;) Also, if it's not clear, I enjoy drawing Sassy!Monday when I have the chance.
Sep.24.12 at 07:40 pm
For those not in the know, I'll be tabling at APE this year! I'll be Table 634 in the middle room with my art, comics, and other goodies. I also take commissions during the event (or pre-ordered for event pickup) and will happily demonstrate technique for the curious while I hang out at my table.

And hey, speaking of art, I finished a watercolor recently. Foyle and Monday being happy, because they're due :P

Shoulders are for Leaning by *elleskinner

Jul.16.12 at 01:49 pm
For those in the area, I've confirmed that I'll be tabling at the second annual Castro Valley Pride on July 21 (at Castro Valley HS), and San Francisco Zinefest September 1-2 (in Golden Gate Park/San Francisco).

About shows, in general:
I always assume that nobody knows who I am or reads my work (Google tells me otherwise but my brain refuses to acknowledge this?), so I'm usually caught off-guard if someone I've never met namedrops my comics at an event. Suffice to say, if you see me at a show and you say "hi, I read your stuff!" I might look like a deer in headlights for a second while I process this but you'll pretty much make my day/week/month. I sometimes get a little busy when I'm behind the table but I'm always happy to answer questions or demonstrate techniques or take cheapie sketch commissions. So, you know, FYI.

In unrelated news entirely, here's a sketch of Monday that I uploaded last week:

Monday in Trousers by ~cozyair on deviantART
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