Jan.14.13 at 09:11 pm
Mini Monday 01

Silly comic that jumped into my head after page 96/97, because poor Monday's pastry got abandoned in the dirt. And food is like one of her favorite things~!

This happens to me a lot, where I'll get a flash of silly spinoff panels to the page I'm working on. I was thinking it might be fun to draw some of them out sometimes, sort of like the omake comics you'll see in the back of manga :) So, here you go.

(I'm a dork. This is not news.)
Dec.25.12 at 12:34 am
elle_cold-sketchBad news: I thought I could pull off a new comic page this weekend but I couldn't ^^; Next page is going up Wednesday night my time. Thanks for your patience, guys! I should be back into my normal swing of things by next week.

Good news: I finally learned how to put up galleries with word press. Soooo, there is a guest art page all set up with goodies in it, now :) I'll follow that with an illustration gallery soon (perhaps that will motivate me to do more art of these guys? I ought to!)

About the filler art: Gear is meant to be one of those mild climates where it gets chilly but it rarely gets full on freezing. It probably snows like three days a year there. That's still like three too many days for Foyle because Foyle hates winter.
Dec.13.12 at 02:55 pm
[Cross-posted from my blog at Littlest Elle because I'm trying to be better about promoting myself :) Sorry for the duplication!]

My latest fairytale, Death of the Little Hen, launched on Erstwhile Tales this week! I picked and scripted this story myself, and apparently I’m a masochist because I also decided I should paint the entire thing in watercolor pencils? Which was, well. I’ve always been very rough and loose with pencils and inks for my comics because I have Photoshop to help me clean up. To have to pencil lightly (so I can ERASE my pencils, what on earth) and to have to ink precisely because the only corrections I could do would be minor… it was challenging, to put it mildly. But it’s a challenge I’m glad I tried, because now I’ve learned all sorts of things and I feel like my art skill gained some experience points :)

Plus, I’ll be forever indebted to this comic for introducing me to my new life partner, the T-Square.


Even if you’re not a fairytale fan, the art on this thing just COLORFUL AND FUN and I encourage you to go check it out :) It’ll be running three times a week for the next month or so.
Dec.01.12 at 01:36 am
As promised, I posted some new art for you guys this weekend :)

Fix It, Foyle! by *elleskinner on deviantART

For those who are like "what on earth...?" I saw and adored Wreck-it-Ralph. Could not resist the urge to do a fusion piece with Foyle and Monday. I mean, Foyle with a magic fixing hammer, what isn't perfection about that? ;) Also, if it's not clear, I enjoy drawing Sassy!Monday when I have the chance.
Sep.24.12 at 07:40 pm
For those not in the know, I'll be tabling at APE this year! I'll be Table 634 in the middle room with my art, comics, and other goodies. I also take commissions during the event (or pre-ordered for event pickup) and will happily demonstrate technique for the curious while I hang out at my table.

And hey, speaking of art, I finished a watercolor recently. Foyle and Monday being happy, because they're due :P

Shoulders are for Leaning by *elleskinner

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