Sep.14.14 at 07:19 pm
Hey all, long time no blog!

Rose City Comic Con:
As keen eyed readers might have spotted in the side bar, I'll be exhibiting at Rose City Comic Con in Portland, September 20-21. My table is G-11 in the Artist Alley and I've made a con map that shows where exactly G-11 is. You'll be able to spot me by the big ol' blue banner with Monday and Foyle on it :)

I will be there with my mini comics, my little book 'o burlesque lifedrawings, both Erstwhile volumes, prints from Missing Monday and Erstwhile, and tiny original watercolors! If you already have one of my books you can also bring it by and I'll sketch in it for you.

I do also take commissions, in advance and on site, for tiny watercolors. Contact me by email (cozyfire @ gmail) or swing by early in the weekend if interested.

Not able to find me at cons but still want to pick up my minicomics? Good news, I've got ebooks of my minicomics available for purchase through gumroad. No Missing Monday books/minicomics yet, but I'm hoping to change that in the very near future ;)

Other Comics:
I recently finished my long-running journal comic, Littlest Elle, after seven years :) The archives will remain free to read online for the foreseeable future.

My newest fairytale comic, the Twelve Huntsmen, is almost complete! You can check it out over at the Erstwhile site.
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Rose City Comic Con

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