Posted July 26, 2023 at 11:55 am

Hi all!

Checking in post-comic finale and post-launch of reruns to let you know a few things I'm up to lately!

  • First off, I'll be exhibiting at Rose City Comic Con this fall! It's my first time doing this convention since 2019 and I am SO excited to be back in Portland :) I'm not sure where I'll be in the Artist Alley as of yet, but when I find out I'll update the sidebar to the right of the comic with the exact location.

  • Second, in connection to the upcoming convention, I've opened my tiny painting commission list for the summer! :) Folks who are interested in obtaining a tiny bespoke watercolor for pick-up can fill out their information on the attached google form and I'll get back to you shortly with a confirmation.

  • Third, the world of social media has gotten really rocky in the last few months. If you'd like to keep tabs on me to see what I'm up to after completing Missing Monday, follow me for free on patreon or ko-fi! I'll be posting a FREE newsletter each month to both platforms to give folks a run down of what I'm up to and the art I've been making. While of course you're welcome to join either platform at the paying level, I wanted to make sure there was an easy free way to keep tabs on me and keep an eye out for what's next :)


Rose City 2023

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